Compliments, Concerns and Complaints

We gratefully accept all compliments and you are welcome to share compliments publicly.

From time to time we all have concerns. Lichfield School shall endeavour to resolve all queries or concerns at the lowest level, without minimising the matter at hand; an informal meeting should be the first initiative. If necessary, a formal meeting may be arranged. The Principal, as day-to-day manager and professional leader of the school has the responsibility for managing queries and concerns as required; the Board does not get involved with such matters. The Board, in its governance role, is removed from the ‘concerns’ level, instead, without sharing a personal view, referring queries and concerns, via the person holding the concern, through to the Principal.

Complaints are received only in written form. All letters of complaint received by the board chairperson and/or principal are for the whole board. No trustee, including the board chairperson or principal can decide independently as to what action will be taken; the board decides and may delegate authority to one or more persons to take specific actions.

Refer to Concerns and Complaints procedure below, for full details on how Lichfield School and School Board deals with concerns and complaints.

01 Concerns and Complaints - procedure.doc.pdf